Robert E. Gladd,
Thesis work-in-progress internet edition:

UNLV Institute for Ethics & Policy Studies

The case against indiscriminate drug testing:
Gerald Solomon Watch, 1997 / 105th Congressional Update

     Conservative New York Republican Representative Gerald B.H. Solomon, renewing his 104th Congress drug war agenda, has re-introduced a spate of random drug testing and related drug war legislative proposals in the first session of the 105th Congress:

Mr. Solomon is also against gun control, for legislation outlawing the pandemic of flag-burning, against use of the internet to disseminate drug legalization information, and for denying tax-exempt status to non-profit organizations “favoring drug legalization” (and retroactively taxing those who have contributed to such organizations).

     On October 7, 1994, however, Mr. Solomon stated the following during the course of remarks concerning house debate over “Unfunded Mandates” legislation: “Today is the beginning of the second Reagan Revolution that will shrink the size and power of the federal government. No longer will there be an arrogant attitude around here that says Big Brother federal government knows best.” (see Congressional Record, 10-7-94)

     Interesting. For more background information on Mr. Solomon, click here.

May 1997 Update: In the wake of the 8-1 Supreme Court Chandler et al v. Miller, Governor of Georgia et al decision which invalidates laws aimed at drug testing of political candidates, it would appear that Mr. Solomon has hit a big bump in his road to bioassay McCarthyism. The Court has ruled that government-initiated suspicionless drug testing for symbolic purposes, however well-intended, violates the Constitution. The Solomon and Molinari drug testing legislative proposals should fade into the legal oblivion they deserve.

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