Robert E. Gladd, M.A.

Papers and essays:

1988, "Laboratory Software Applications Development: Quality Assurance Considerations" (PDF)

You enter some numerical data into a computer and get some results back out. Do you simply assume they are "accurate" and report them to the client? Not in our lab. For example, even assuming your data and formula/function entries into a spreadsheet are correct, does it thereby necessarily invariably follow that the calculated results will be so?

1989, "Radioanalytic Counting Instrument Reliability: An Interim Assessment of a Computer-Assisted Statistical Process Control Approach Under Development" (PDF)

Monitoring and verifying that environmental radiation lab instruments remain stable and accurate within a high-volume trace-level production environment. I developed and managed this system for the IT Oak Ridge Laboratory. This paper, which was eventually published in a radiochemistry journal, was presented at a number of industry conferences to report on our tentative findings and to solicit feedback.

1990, "Improved Evaluation of Environmental Radiochemical Inorganic Solid Matrix Replicate Precision: Normalized Range Analysis Revisited" (PDF)

In which we challenged conventional (and requisite) EPA policy regarding small sample inorganic solids radioactive compound analytical precision requirements.

1991, "The PDM-QC Connection: A Proactive Approach to Quality With Predictive Maintenance Technology" (PDF)

This was the first of two commercial advocacy white papers connecting the functional dots between "Quality Assurance" and the industrial maintenance department.

1991, "Emerging International Quality System Standards: The Role of the Maintenance Function" (PDF)

A second Predictive Maintenance (PDM) commercial advocacy white paper arguing the utility of PDM deployment in industry as an effective component of ISO-9000 compliance and certification.

1994,"Argument Analysis: 1994 JAMA Single Payer Proposal" (PDF)

This was my first graduate school semester paper, in which I had to identify and analytically examine and evaluate both the logic and evidence pertaining to every assertion comprising the authors' proposition, concluding with an assessment of how well all the pieces fit together in establishing the case proffered. A decade hence I would be privileged to get to teach this seminar.

1994, Nevada Peer Review: "Medicare MedPro Quartly Profile Report, FY 91 - 93 NV Medicare Hospital Discharges" (PDF)

Typical report I routinely produced while serving as a Medicare outcomes analyst, mostly using Medicare claims data.

1995, "Probability from 'C' to 'G'" (PDF)

In the mid 1990's I was the Newsletter Editor and Publisher for the Las Vegas Section 705 of ASQ (American Society for Quality). This was a flip piece I wrote that had a serious underlying message -- a cautionary look at some widely held and insufficiently examined statistical probability assumptions. Subsequent (and a good bit more erudite and comprehensive) works a decade hence by the likes of Nassim Nicholas Taleb gratifyingly confirmed that I'd been on to something.

1998, "Toward Effective and Ethical Drug Abuse Prevention Policies: The Case Against Indiscriminate Drug Testing" (HTML link)

Should you have to take and pass a drug test as a condition of employment generally or to take part in school sports programs, etc? This is from the online draft of my UNLV Master's thesis. I posted it incrementally as I was writing it in order to draw fire from every quarter in the hopes of tightening my argument (Note: this piece, being ancient by internet standards, is by now shot through with expired or otherwise inoperative hyperlinks). This collection of web pages comprises perhaps 75% of my final cut.

1998, "One in Three: A Father's Journey With Cancer" (HTML link)

A painful personal essay recounting my late daughter's fight against her horrific terminal cancer. To be expanded into a book reflecting on my more than 20 years involved with the U.S. health care system as an analyst, academic, next-of-kin caregiver, and, most recently as a Medicare beneficiary.

2000, "Environmental Justice in the D.O.E. Yucca Mountain D.E.I.S," Walton, PhD et al (PDF link)

I served as a researcher and contributing writer within a UNLV task force contracted by the Clark County, NV Risk Management office to critically examine the requisite "environmental justice" aspects of the proposed Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) nuclear waste repository Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). My specific role was that of review and comment on the quantitative risk modeling components of the DEIS.

2002, "FNBM Payment Float Strategy Model Development" (PDF)

First National Bank of Marin tenure (2000 - 2005) wherein I served as a credit risk, portfolio management, and operations analyst and principal writer/editor for the Risk Management Department. This paper sets forth our data-driven analytical rationale for deriving an effective "payment float" policy (withholding availability of funds for specified periods to mitigate the risk posed by"insufficient funds" payments.

2003, "FNBM Payment Defender Strategy Review" (PDF)

First National Bank of Marin. This paper documents our review of the FNBM Risk Management Group prior year's Float Model initiative.

2003, "FNBM Credit Underwriting Model Development" (PDF)

First National Bank of Marin. Our OCC reguatory examiners called this the finest risk management white paper they'd ever encounted in our class of monoline banks. It recounts the methodology our Risk Group deployed in developing a proprietary suite of credit underwriting scorecards that set the industry standard for our niche -- leading to successive record annual profits.

2003, "Operational Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Pending Regulatory Incentive and Opportunity" (PDF)

First National Bank of Marin. I addressed herein the direct applicability of Baldrige Criteria for the management and abatement of bank "operational risk."

2003, "The Macroeconomy and the FNBM Portfolio" (PDF)

First National Bank of Marin. We undertook a study of relevant leading external economic indicators to use in predictive modeling to further hedge our credit risks to our existing portfolio.

Current, ongoing: "BobbyG's Binge Thinking: Random Ruminations" (HTML link, my sociopolitical blog)

This comprises my topical scratchpad wherein I hammer on my myriad interests and concerns ongoing as time permits.

2010 - present: "BobbyG's independent Regional Extension Center blog" (HTML link, my newest blog)

2011: "2011: Showtime for the Meaningful Use of Health IT" (PDF link) ASQ Healthcare Division Newsletter Guest Essay