Dear friends of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns:

I ask for your "tip jar" support via PayPal, so that I might continually, significantly, and more quickly improve our blog (and our other internet venues) and extend our reach internationally to enable this awesome band to cut through the clutter and attract the worldwide attention their passionate, exquisite music so thoroughly deserves. Any amount of a U.S. dollar or more will be greatly appreciated (PayPal extracts a base transaction fee of $0.30 + 2.9%, so they would keep 33% of $1, but only 5.9% of $10, and 4.1% of $25, etc).

We're now podcasting, and intend to one day soon start "live blogging" from the gigs, including providing real-time audio and video web streaming (our bro' Dawayne Bailey is on my case to start doing that, something I would absolutely provide, given acquisition of the technology and bandwidth-chewing web resources). I'd thought about doing the Google "Adsense" thing to raise some expense cash, but I'm wary of messing up the look of the blog with distracting advertising noise (and skeptical about its potential for us at this point).

My photo & graphics/blogging/web efforts for Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns have been pro bono for more than two years now, and will continue to be so. The band essentially plows all of the proceeds from CD sales back into things like rehearsal space rental fees, chart production, and travel-related expenses for the many esteemed guest artists we are blessed to witness (for free!). They need our continuing help. So, I'm asking.

Every penny of your contributions will go solely into ever more effectively promoting the band, and I will explicitly account for all contributions for everyone to see. I will also assure your privacy; no one will ever be given your email or other personal info.

Please, help me prime the pump. And, continue to shout these cats out to everyone you encounter.

- BobbyG


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